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Produktbild X230 Mini Quadcopter Combo (w / Motors,  ESCs,  Propellers)

X230 Mini Quadcopter Combo (w / Motors, ESCs, Propellers)

von Hobby King
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Hobby King
This stylishmini quad is a great way to get into multi-rotor aircraft without the hassle ofchoosing your ownpower system! Built from glass fiber, this frame is both lightweight and strong.
This kitincludes the motors, ESCs and propellers, so you will only need to add your own multi-rotor control board, radio systemand battery. It also features a power distribution board to keep the wiring tidy.
We carry a full line of multi-rotor control boards to complete your kit, be sure to see the related items below.
*Note: The above photos are for illustration purposes of the finished product only. You will need to install the motors, ESCs and solder the power distribution boardyourself.

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