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Produktbild Learn Chinese Characters - Chinese Character Bible 10 on a USB Stick

Learn Chinese Characters - Chinese Character Bible 10 on a USB Stick

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Chinese Character Bible is your bible when learning/teaching Chinese characters. It gives you all resources necessary and tells you how to do effectively.
This software is not to teach just some Chinese characters for a certain grade/level, but it introduced all characters of a Chinese national standard(6763 Hanzi), the extensive intelligent features will serve you a lifetime, the only one tool/book you need for learning Chinese characters.

This software features:

full screen drawing animation of color Chinese characters for strong visual impacts
all information on pronunciation, structure, meanings, Pinyin, related words, sample sentences for each character
complete information of 80,000 words/phrases in Google ranking
lots of clever vocabulary lists, tens of textbooks and all lists of new & old HSK to please everyone
creation of vocabulary list from any Chinese text/ebook automatically
precise, extensive & easy to use talking dictionary
magical mapping of all syllable-characters that rises your learning efficiency dramatically
unique polyphone table to help proper pronunciation
flashcard workshop printing your selected characters in color and in your desired format
a smart gadget reminds you of characters intermittently
countless Games/Exercises/Tests for any selected character list or lesson
Chinese text reading assistant providing all information of clicked Hanzi
creating files of drawing animation & stroke-order picture

The Chinese Character Bible latest Version 10 coming with a 2GB USB stick (may vary from that shown) works on any Windows PC, from Win2K to Win10, at home or in the office. No installation necessary

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