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Produktbild Upstairs Downstairs - Series 1 (The Colour Edition) [DVD] [1971] by Gordon Jackson

Upstairs Downstairs - Series 1 (The Colour Edition) [DVD] [1971] by Gordon Jackson

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This seminal British television series is just as enjoyable now as when it first aired in the early 1970s. Richard, Lady Marjorie and their son James comprise the aristocratic Bellamy family that reside upstairs while their loyal servants maintain the household from downstairs. The series follows the upper-class family's troubles as times change and the ongoing lives of their resilient staff. Clean, clear and presented in order, the third season's 13 episodes follow the London household through the pre-war years (1912-1914). In these episodes, Hudson (Gordon Jackson) gives notice over James's (Simon Williams) luncheon with his father's typist, Miss Forrest (Meg Wynn Owen), who helps run the household after Lady Marjorie dies aboard the R.M.S. Titanic. Tensions again erupt when another family strives to hire Hudson away and Miss Forrest refuses James's marriage proposal, afraid of a past secret. Former servant Alfred reappears, taking a hostage when Hudson discovers he is wanted for murder, and a French countess is romantically interested in Richard's money until James exposes the truth. James's new wife, Hazel Forrest, resolves a stock-trading scandal, but remains uneasy with her new society position, particularly while fox hunting at Lord and Lady Newbury's country estate. A disregard for class differences nearly ends in disaster during Georgina Worsley's (Lesley-Anne Down) holiday visit, and a casual remark by the Bellamys' footman Edward erupts into a scandal that threatens Parliament's Tory constituency. Rose (Jean Marsh) almost marries an Australian sheep farmer, and James's rocky marriage must survive Hazel's miscarriage. In July 1914, when war looms, James looks to rejoin his regiment to escape his troubled marriage; Mrs Bridges (Angela Baddeley) has a suitor and two servants, Edward and Daisy, defy the downstairs rules by falling in love. --Tara Chace, Amazon.com

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